Will Airman Tax Prep prepare taxes for my State?

We have the ability to prepare all State Tax returns as well as most local and city tax returns.

Will you help with suggestions on how to improve my tax situation?

Our Financial Services department can greatly improve your individual tax burden when dealing with Wealth Management issues. If we see something that will improve your current year’s refund, you will be notified.

What if I am audited?

Airman Tax Prep stands behind their work. We will represent and correspond with the IRS and State Taxing Agencies if the need arrises. If the audit is due to misrespresentation of stated income or expenses supplied to us, we charge an hourly fee.

I’m not sure if my situation warrants itemizing. I’m undecided whether to spend the extra money to find out.

If we determine the Standard Deduction to be more advantageous, we’ll refund you a portion of our fees. We are more interested in developing long term relationships with our clients than in making a quick buck.

May I personally drop off my documents?

Airman Tax operates a home office and keeps odd hours. Not having a “Brick and Mortar” store allows us to keep the costs down. In fact, 98% of our clients live out of State. We prefer you send the documents to our office.

How are you so inexpensive compared to other competitors?

See answer to above question.

I’m very pleased with your work. Will Airman Tax amend my taxes back three years?

Yes, we prepare amendments. However, we reserve time for amendments after May 15th when work load subsides.

Next year will I have to fill out the entire Organizer again?

No. One of the benefits of being a long term client is next year’s Organizer will be custom, personalized and sent directly to you. You’ll only indicate changes as they arise.

What if a tax form comes in the mail after you’ve prepared my taxes?

It is our pleasure to amend your taxes if necessary. There may be an additional fee associated, therefore please try to send a complete package to us before we do your taxes.

Will Airman Tax Prep prepare my local/county or school district tax return?

These returns are very simple to complete once you have the Federal return. If you still want us to prepare these, there is an added fee.

Will you return all the documents I supply?

Your tax return will be completed expeditiously. However, please allow a couple of weeks to return documents and copies of the return. We make and retain copies of all documents supplied for seven years. If you need a copy of anything from the past, just let us know.

What if I have a major change to my tax situation throughout the year? Who will I turn to?

Us, of course! Although some might think of tax preparation as a seasonal business, we are available all year-round. In fact, as part of the fee you retain our services for the entire year!

Do you need original documents or may I supply copies?

Either method is fine. We discourage faxes because they are more difficult to read.

My cousin’s daughter needs her taxes done. Do you prepare taxes for those outside the Aviation Industry?

Although we specialize and enjoy working with Flight Crews, we’d be happy to help anyone we can. We are fully briefed on special situations of Teachers, Nurses, Sanitary Specialists, Longshoreman, etc.

I just can’t get it together by April 15th. Will you file an extension?

We are happy to file an extension for you and allow you more time to get your documents together. An additional $35 fee will apply.