Download Organizer

Download the Tax Organizer. To request a quote, please fill out the organizer, or view the Fees page.

1. Please install the latest version of Adobe Reader to enable saving the pdf to your hard drive.
Get Adobe Reader(Mac users: Please select Adobe Reader as your default pdf viewer.)
Download the pdf or zip file, and fill out the Organizer to the best of your ability. (Click to open.)

(Mac user? Download the organizer as a zip file and save it, do not open in your browser. Open the document from your Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro application. Mac browsers don’t recognize the fill-in form.)

2. Attach and e-mail the completed Organizer to the preparer listed on the first page of the Organizer.

3. Scan and e-mail W-2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc. (We prefer scans, as they are easier to read, but you may fax documents to 800-314-6949.) Please do not send receipts, however, we do need charitable donation slips.

4. Your Preparer will contact you with any questions and e-mail your completed tax return.

5. You will receive a PayPal invoice. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay, simply submit credit card payment.